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The latest arrival in our wide array of security fasteners, stainless fasteners, and general fixings is our threaded rod range.

Otherwise known as all-thread, is generally used in building and plumbing applications, as well as general maintenance to stabilise objects made from wood, metal or other materials. An example of this is that they can be used to join metals and wood in wall construction or furniture preparation. The threading on the rod allows for nuts and bolts to be screwed onto the rod with ease, and quickly.

We are able to stock a range of thread configurations and diameters in our threaded rod range, as well as a number of materials. Most of the standard lengths are available from stock, but custom sizes are available to order.

Threaded Rod Selection in a Range of Materials

We are able to provide all-thread in steel ranging from grade 4.8 to grade 12.9 as well as A2 and A4 stainless steel. The vast majority of our threaded rod stock is creating according to the DIN standard 976, however, there are a few in our stock that are DIN 938 and DIN 975,

Not only are we able to offer our all-thread ranging from steel and stainless steel, we can also offer aluminium, brass, and nylon

Special Threads and Cut Thread Threaded Rod

Here at Fastenright, we don’t just stock threaded rods in graded steel or in a few other materials, we’re able to provide special threads, for a vast range of applications as well.

We can provide Fine Pitch Threaded Rods in a range of grades as well as left-hand thread threaded rods in grades 4.8 and 8.8. Not only this, but a number of products in our threaded rod stock are available as self-colour or zinc-plated options, with zinc plating offering a greater resistance to corrosion.

As well as this, we stock stainless steel double end threaded rods, cut all-thread and imperial threaded rods – meaning we’re confident we can provide the right threaded rod for your application.

And believe it or not – you can also get Acme Thread threaded rods at Fastenright. Acme threads are the original trapezoidal thread form and they are commonly encountered across the world. With a 29° thread angle with a thread height half of the pitch, this shape is easier to machine than some of its counterparts.

Get in Touch for More Information About our Threaded Rod Range

If you require more information about our range of threaded rods, please do not hesitate to give our experienced sales team a call.

Alternatively, you can view our entire range of all-thread in one easy-to-follow post on all of our threaded rods.

Check back in the future as we look to add more products and pictures.