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What is the best security fastener for your needs?

Standard fasteners have a multitude of uses, but unfortunately there are some circumstances that mean an application requires an added level of security. If you are fixing a high value item in place or need to deter theft or vandalism, a standard fastener will not be up to the job. This is where security fasteners come in.

Security fasteners can be used to fix a wide variety of items in place, however no two applications are the same. Everyone has different requirements depending on the job at hand, which has in turn led to an endless list of security fastener options available to meet differing demands. So how do you make the right security fastener selection? Here we look at how you can narrow down the options to suit your needs.

Consider the level of security required

wave-security-fastenerThe first thing to think about when deciding on the best security fastener for your requirements is how much security do you need. Are you just looking for a deterrent or do you need something that won’t budge from its position, no matter what? The simplest way to decide is to consider the value of the item in question, along with the likelihood of theft in the area.

If you are looking at a low to medium value item in a relatively safe area, you won’t want to spend a fortune on bespoke solutions that are tailor-made to your exact requirements. These are more suited to high value applications or for items that are particularly under threat from thieves or vandals. If the threat or value is lower, a fastener that offers moderate security will be perfectly sufficient for the job.

For most security requirements, standard tamper-proof screws are available which can’t be removed with a standard screwdriver.


Will you need to be able to remove the fastener?

There are some circumstances, whether for safety reasons or to prevent tampering, where a security fastener is needed to keep something in position permanently. However, there may be instances where the security fastener needs to be removed, for example, to carry out essential maintenance. This is the next step to consider when making your security fastener selection.

Security fasteners are obviously so-called because they are used to bring an additional level of security to an application. It therefore makes sense that permanent fasteners are available that cannot be removed, even by the person who installed them in the first place.
See some examples of “1-way” security fasteners here.


security-tool-specialThere are also removable security fasteners available if this is something that is needed. This may sound contradictory to the security requirement, but this is not the case. You will need a specific tool to take them out, ensuring that the security is not compromised. If a removable fastener is something you need, consider the level of security required. Some of the specially designed tools are easier to obtain than others, so also consider the likelihood of would-be thieves sourcing the tools for themselves. If the item in question is particularly vulnerable, you will need to choose an option with a tool that is harder for thieves to find.


We supply a range of premium security fasteners to select from with patented designs and traceable tools for maximum security.

Think about how quickly you need your security fasteners

If you can’t seem to find the correct security fastener size you need, there is always the option to have a bespoke solution made to your exact requirements. However, you need to consider that this will take time to make, so won’t be available as quickly as an off-the-shelf fastener. If you have time and feel that you need a very specific security fastener, then a bespoke option may be right for you. However, if there is some urgency in your requirement, there is now such a wide choice of ready-made security fasteners available that you could use an alternative as a substitute.

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