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Here at Fastenright, We Offer Special Fasteners

At Fastenright we pride ourselves on being able to provide or produce a number of non-standard fasteners – which can often be produced by modifying an existing fastener.

This can help to keep both cost and lead times to a minimum.

As an example, if you require a fastener with a specific unthreaded length or a non-standard diameter head, we can supply it for you.

You may also be surprised to find out that a part that is causing you some trouble in regards to sourcing it, may in fact be stocked within our vast range of fasteners and fixings, as they include non-standard fasteners.

Special Fasteners Modified to Your Requirements

General fixings and security fasteners can be modified to your requirements.

These modifications can include screw cutting and pinning.

Screw cutting is usually done using a screw-cutting lathe, a machine which is very capable of cutting very accurate screw threads. The lathe is in fact used for its accuracy and versatility – as despite being one of the oldest machine tools, it is considered one of the most important.

There are other methods of screw cutting, but lathe cutting is generally the most popular.

Pinning unusual security screws such as grub screws, socket cap screws or more generalised security screws of non-standard lengths is also available.

Special Fasteners Made Bespoke From Drawings

We are also able to help with bespoke fastener requirements that are unavailable as standard products.

If your custom fastener or fixing has very specific requirements, we can manufacture custom fasteners and fixings to your exact specifications or drawings.

Special Fasteners in Non-Standard Materials and Finishes

Fasteners are also available in non-standard materials and finishes, which may be required for their use in specific applications.

Some non-standard finishes that we can offer are black japanned, where black lacquer is applied and baked to harden for a smooth glossy finish.

There’s also the likes of powder coating, which is a relatively popular colouring process for fasteners, and green chromate which is applied to galvanised or zinc-plated parts to protect the part from white corrosion via moisture.

Non-standard materials include the likes of Zirconium, Waspaloy and Fibreglass.

Zirconium is highly resistant to corrosion and can be found in fittings around piping and heat exchanges, whilst Waspaloy is known for its strength at elevated temperatures, making it perfect in applications like gas turbine engines and other aerospace components.

Fibreglass studs and nuts can be used in chemical processing, water pollution equipment and marine applications.

Contact Us For Special Fasteners

If you require any type of special fastener, please send us your requirements with any specifications or drawings.