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The Shell Eco-Marathon is a competition open to students from around the world to build and test the most energy efficient car. The cars are split into two classes, one which focuses on maximum fuel efficiency and the other has a more practical design where passenger comfort is taken into account. The motive power of the cars is also part of the different classifications with both internal combustion engines and electric power being options.

The competition takes place over several days with the cars travelling as far as possible on the equivalent one litre of fuel. It is not only energy technology that wins out as there are other awards for factors like safety, teamwork and design. The aim of the completion is to inspire the engineers of the future and for them to think about sustainable mobility.

Supporting the engineers of tomorrow - The Shell Eco-Marathon is a competition

For this year’s competition held, in London on June 30th to July 3rd, Fastenright are delighted to be sponsoring the Elite 8 club of Tendring Technology College, Frinton who are designing and building a car for the event. Elite 8 are an all-girls team and are likely to be the youngest competing at the event. Fastenright are supplying specialist taper pins for the steering system of the car.

Tendring Technology College

The Shell Eco-Marathon dates back to 1939 when a friendly rivalry between Shell employees developed about who could travel farthest on the same amount of fuel. Two years ago in Rotterdam, Elite 8 achieved 2,908 mpg in their car. We wonder what they would made of that figure in 1939!

Good Luck to Elite 8 for the 2016 competition.