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Sentinel Screws are designed to offer a permanent, robust security solution in a number of forms, including button, countersunk and wood screw.

This permanent solution is fastened with a pozi-drive screwdriver and the shape of the drive is intended to prevent the screwdriver from turning the screw in an anti-clockwise motion, determining that they are easy to fit yet very complex to remove.

These Sentinel One-Way Pozi Drive screws are more than ideal for indoor applications in facilities like stations, prisons, public toilets and more.

What Makes Sentinel Screws Popular?

Sentinel machine screws offer a medium security resistance against vandals and thieves, at a relatively low cost – meaning you’re getting a strong, reliable product that is perfect for applications in which the fastener will not require maintenance that will prove to be ergonomic and economically sound.

The unique design reduces uncertainties in regards to thieves tampering with or invalidating the screws.

The one way, permanent fixing as you would expect is not removable and has a higher level of torque than other security screws and bolts such as shear bolts. A key difference between these sentinel screws and shear bolts, however, is that shear bolts have a breakaway part that stops it from being able to be driven when optimal torque has been reached. This means that if the bolt were to loosen through vibration or other means, it cannot be retightened.

With a Sentinel Screw, if it comes loose, end users are able to retighten the screw but not remove it – making it ideal in situations which require high security in applications that may be exposed to vibrations.

Available in zinc plated steel or stainless steel, this non-removable screw also has a higher torque level than other similar products.

Sentinel Screws Available at Fastenright

We are able to offer Sentinel machine screws in a range of sizes and can also provide specials made to order.

If you require more information about the range or would like to send us an enquiry, please contact us.