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Acorn Seal Nuts

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Acorn Seal Nuts are available in both the low and high type ensuring the most suitable choice can be made for your requirement.

On the outside, Acorn Seal Nuts look the same as your average acorn nut, but inside they reveal their secret which is the addition of a high quality rubber seal. This seal makes them perfect for use in extreme or contaminated environments. Whether this be hot or cold, dry or damp, in a field or the sand; contaminants will not be able to get inside the screw or under the seal and cause any damage.

The tight seal is created simply by applying just a normal pressure, as with any acorn nut, nothing additional is required to fix in place. This also means that they are are reusable as they need no additional proesses or adhesives to avoid contaminants or provide stability.

This is true even in environments where a large amount of pressure will be applied or where there is vibration which might cause other nuts to loosen or generate unwanted movement within the nut. This is simply not an issue with these nuts as the pressure is minimised and the vibration works with the seal rather than against it. Stability and power is provided by the metal to metal contact which is still made possible with these fasteners.

Supplied ready assembled, so there is no need to worry about messing with a fiddly component or using adhesives to stick them in. They are ready to be installed in any project that needs precision and reliability.

Acorn Seal Nuts are made to order only in a range of sizes and materials, with other types also available on request.
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