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Blanking Plugs

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Blanking Plugs are generally used in sheet metal to protect against sharp edges and to close panel cavities, providing a quick solution with a clean finish.

They are also used to clip into holes when wiring or access requirements are finished.

Blanking Plugs are a cost-effective way to close access, with the plastic fins of the plug holding them firmly in place.

Easily fitted by hand, the plugs clip firmly into position and provide an attractive finish.

Available in a range of sizes from stock, with specials available to order.

Please call us for more information or to further your enquiry.


Technical Data & Available Sizes


4.7 x 9.3mm
6.4 x 9.5mm
8.0 x 14.2mm
9.5 x 15.4mm
11.2 x 17.7mm
12.5 x 18.7mm
15.5 x 22.0mm
19.0 x 25.5mm
20.0 x 25.5mm
22.5 x 28.4mm
25.4 x 32.0mm
31.5 x 38.2mm
38.2 x 43.3mm
51.5 x 57.5mm
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