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Cable Ties

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Cable ties are a type of fastener used for holding items together – more often than not cables or wires – and are made from nylon.

They are weather resistant and often used in outdoor applications, whilst also hosting excellent UV resistance and being flame retardant too.

Cable ties are easy to use and strong and because of this, they’re found in a multitude of industries.

Generally manufactured in self-extinguishing nylon 6.6, which holds a working temperature of -40 to 85°C.

The design is simple but works incredibly well as the tapered end of the fastener pulls through the head to make a loop – with the head hosting teeth to form a lock.

Often either single-use or reusable, there are a number of other options available which you can see below.

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Cable Ties
Manufactured in Nylon 6.6 and available in black or natural
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