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Countersunk Seal Screws

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Countersunk Seal Screws sit flush with the surface that is being fastened, avoiding problems such as snagging whilst also utilising state of the art “O” Ring Technology. The innovative, malleable and strong “O” ring is positioned in a groove just below the screw head, which fastens the seal perfectly in all directions, stopping anything getting in or out whilst maintaining metal to metal contact. This prevents contaminates such as air, water or micro particle materials from entering and degrading or corroding the product that they are fastened to. They are a proven product that is used in many high grade military applications where conditions are strict and requirements are usually very specific.

They do not require any additional preparation and are supplied ready to use; working in the same way as a standard countersunk screw. They are long lasting and reusable (within limits) which means they are both an economic and efficient solution.

Countersunk Seal Screws are made to order only in a wide variety of drives including the Phillips Countersunk Seal Screw, Slotted Countersunk Seal Screw, Socket Countersunk Seal Screw and Torx (TX) Countersunk Seal Screw, with other drives available on request subject to minimum order quantities.

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