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Full Nuts with Seal

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Full Nuts with Seal are ideal for use when there are potential hazards which could affect the performance of an ordinary nut. These might include atmospheres where dust, sand, moisture, gas and other pollutants can cause a product to degrade over time and fail. Under these harsher conditions, ordinary nuts will do just that and very quickly as micro particles can easily find their way into small gaps in around a nut.

To combat this frequent issue, this product has been developed with the addition of a seal which adds a layer to shield the product. These seals ensure that the various pollutants are blocked and remain outside of the product whilst maintaining the strength of metal to metal contact.

The failure of an ordinary full nut can cause permanent damage to equipment which can be both expensive and cause delays. This economic and easy to use product helps to avoid this undesirable outcome.

This product will meet the needs of many different projects where this advanced level of performance is required and are commonly used in military and food applications. The seal will add not only an additional layer of security, but a more permanent solution to issues that are faced by the need for high quality long-term workable products.

They are similarly suitable in areas where temperatures and conditions experience changes from hot to cold, dusty to wet and sandy to hazardous. This nut can function in all of these circumstances with no reduction in overall performance standard over time.

Full Nuts with Seal are made to order only in a range of sizes and materials, with other types of nuts with seals also available. Please call or use the online enquiry form to request a quotation.

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