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Extensive range of handwheels, manufactured in thermoplastic and thermoset materials and designed for both light and heavy duty applications. Handwheels are available with through threads, female, male and plain bores. Pilot bores are also available and suitable for drilling and tapping to customers’ preffered sizes. Black is the standard colour although other colours are available subject to conditions. Please click on the desired handwheel below to view the technical information and images

10 Point Handwheel Male Thread
Scalloped Handwheel emale Thread
Scalloped Handwheel Through Thread
Scalloped Handwheel Male Thread
6 Piont Handwheel emale Thread
6 Piont Handwheel Through Thread
6 Piont Handwheel Male Thread
3 Point Handwheel emale Thread
3 Point Handwheel Through Thread
3 Point Handwheel Male Thread
Cross Knob emale Thread
Cross Knob Through Thread
Cross Knob Male Thread
Valve Wheel Square Through Hole
Triangular Handwheel emale Thread
Triangular Handwheel Male Thread
Lightweight Handwheel Through Thread