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Hex Seal Screws

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Hex Seal Screws and Slotted Hex Seal Screws are perfect for a wide range of uses where a tight seal is required. They are suitable for any kind of environment and industry as required. In addition, they offer protection in environments with high pressures and where occasional or continuous vibration might normally cause problems.

This is thanks to the addition of the high quality rubber seal; screws will not loosen over time and require repeated screwing in. Also, there are no additional sealing adhesives required, which would add an extra cost and require extra time to apply and dry. Furthermore, once an adhesive is applied it is no possible to reuse the screws either; with sealing screws this is no problem and they can be removed and reapplied with no loss of strength.

Supplied ready to be installed in the same manner as conventional screws but with the advantage of the extremely tight seal. This is created by applying normal downward torque for a three way tensioning effect, but requires no further pressure or effort on the part of the person screwing it in.

With these seals, they work while still allowing the metal to metal contact of the screw with the product. This provides structure and stability, ensuring the strongest and tightest fix possible. These screws will perform to a very high standard even where contaminants are present whether these are gas, liquid or solid based. This can be essential to avoid the failure of the product and give additional peace of mind.

These screws are used in industries where reliability and security is needed, from military to medical applications. They are long lasting and have no additional costs after installation.

Hex Seal Screws are made to order only in a range of sizes and materials, with other types also available on request. Please call or use the online enquiry form to request a quotation.

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