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Pipe Caps

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Pipe Caps protect pipes from damage and debris during shipping and storage and within general use.

They can be created to be threaded and vented, but are also available in a variety of other styles.

Pipe Caps can also be used in vehicles, for guarding fuel lines against debris contamination and protecting threads from damage. They can help guarantee a professional finish in holes and studs during the finishing process.

These products help to ensure the application is not impaired.

Available in a range of dimensions, with specials available upon request.

Please contact us with your requirements to further your enquiry.


Technical Data & Available Sizes


Dimensions (mm) Nominal Pipe Size
d h
76.1 37.0 2 1/2″
88.9 37.0 3″
114.3 42.0 4″
139.7 44.0 5″
168.3 34.0 6″