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Rivet Gun Pneumatic M4 to M10

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This Pneumatic installation tool for rivet nuts is ideal for applications with a low to medium scale installation, reducing the effort and installation time of manual installation tools.

This top pneumatic rivet gun comes in 3 series (supplied with one nose assembly) and is used to install rivet nuts with M4 diameter to M10 diameter. Includes interchangeable noses to set different sized rivet nuts, simple forward / reverse trigger and works on air pressure to control setting force.

Series 700 (680 rpm):  Suitable to install M4, M5 & M6 rivet nuts

Series 400 (360 rpm):  Suitable to install M5, M6 & M8 rivet nuts

Series 200 (200 rpm):  Suitable to install M8 & M10 rivet nuts

Air pressure required: 5-7 Bar
Average air consumption:  6 CFM