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Round Head Seal Screws

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Round Head Seal Screws are ideal for preventing contamination of the application by moisture and dirt. Standard screws get swiftly degraded by external contaminates as a result of the environment in the locations where they are installed.

The integrated seal gives the application the highest possible avoidance of this contamination with no associated reduction of efficiency as it preserves the tightest of seals whilst maintaining metal to metal contact for the ultimate grip, which the seal supports but does not interfere with. As it seals in the full 360°, every direction is covered and there are no vulnerable areas.

Round Head Seal Screws are available with either a Phillips or Slotted drive, requiring only a standard flat blade screwdriver to install them. This is due to their single slot, elongated for maximum contact, paired with the requirement for far less downward pressure than traditional recessed screws. Equally the Phillips Round Head Seal Screw meets the same set of standards but with a standard cross head screwdriver.

No further tightening is required after installation. This is true even where there is vibration, such as with active machinery which typically loosen over time, creating potential hazards and harm. Hand in hand with this comes unbeatable protection against pressure, which can cause significant damage to the screw and product alike.

The screws are also reusable (within limits) and remain highly functioning so you can swap them between projects, without the need to purchase additional screws.

Round Head Seal Screws are made to order only in a range of sizes and materials, with other drive types also available on request. Please call or use the online enquiry form to request a quotation.

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