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Socket Cap Seal Screws

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Socket Cap Seal Screws are a great choice for use instead of ordinary socket cap screws for applications where there is a risk of contamination or moisture. A unique, malleable and strong captive “O” ring sits in the groove just below the cap head. While maintaining the essential metal to metal contact which gives a high degree of added strength, it provides 360 degrees of sealant power. This is essential for stopping any contamination from getting inside the seal or screw, whether air, water, gas or any other materials. Equally it stops any leaks from escaping at the same time due to its incredibly tight seal. This offers greatly improved performance over a long period of time.

Supplied pre assembled and ready to use, installation is simple and efficient in the same way as standard socket cap screws. Seal screws can be used in almost any environment and exposed to many different conditions without deteriorating or resulting in a loss of performance. It can cope with a high level of vibration too through the use of a threadlocking patch. They are also extremely cost effective as they are long lasting and can be reused to an extent as there are no addidional components to add or maintain the seal.

Seal screws are a proven product that are in constant use in a wide range of demanding industries. They are used in military applications, to build and secure medical equipment and even in marine hulls. They are also used in valves, electronic devices & panels, fuel tanks, food processing equipment, consumer products and more. The Socket Cap Seal Screw is safe, high quality and reliable. It is a truly versatile sealing solution which can be completely customised to your needs.

Socket Cap Seal Screws are made to order only in a range of sizes and materials, please call or use the online enquiry form to request a quotation.

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