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Thumb Nuts

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Thumb knuts, which are often referred to as knurled nuts due to their knurled outside surface.

This makes them easy to be tightened by hand, as well as improving how easily a decorative finish can be applied to them.

Knurled thumb nuts are often used in things like motorcycles, antique cars or even light fixtures.

Available in both coarse and fine thread sizes, in a wide range of materials and finishes, with specials available to order.

Please contact us with your requirements to progress your enquiry.

Technical Data and Available Sizes
Diameter dk ds h k
M2.5 11.0 4.85 3 2.5
M3 12.0 5.85 3 2.5
M4 16.0 7.82 4 3.5
M5 20.2 9.82 5 4.0
M6 24.2 11.78 6 5.0
M8 30.0 15.78 8 6.0
M10 36.0 19.79 10 8.0