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Screws, nuts and bolts – product videos

Security fasteners can vary quite significantly and often many people are faced with the difficult choice of which to go for. It can be hard to visualise from product descriptions and pictures just how the fastener will work and whether it will be suitable for your application.

Please browse our videos to see Fastenright’s security fixing products in action, then follow the links to see more product information, technical drawings etc. Please check back again soon as we’re adding more videos on a regular basis.

Plastic Security Screws & Nut

Made to order, featuring the premium, high security patented Wave drive.

Usually manufactured as a reusable fixing, removed using a special tool.

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Countersunk Shear Bolt

High security permanent fixings in zinc, stainless or galvanised steel. Fastened using a standard socket or spanner. The hexagonal portion snaps off leaving a countersunk head and a smooth finish.

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Wave Security Barrel Nuts

Featuring the unique, patented Wave drive. Fastened using a special tool, this fixing is ideal for use in staircasing and balustrading within high security environments. Made to order.

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Wave Bolts & Nuts

High security fixings with a patented, curved drive design to resist grips. Made to order in a range of materials, with some sizes available from stock. Suitable for use in high torque applications.

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Shear Bolt – Dome Head

Permanent security fasteners in a range of materials resembling a socket button screw with a hexagonal section attached to the head. When fastened, the hexagonal portion breaks away leaving a plain button head.

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Clutch Head Security Barrel Nut

A permanent security version of Chicago screws, mostly used in staircasing and balustrading. The design enables fastening with a standard slotted screwdriver, which will slip off if turned the opposite way.

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Security Shear Screw (Snap-off)

Premium security, permanent fastener for high security environments.

The hexagonal portion snaps off when fastened.
The shear screw has a pozi drive so can be fixed using a screwdriver.

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6 Lobe Pin TX Security Barrel Nut

Internally threaded fixings, commonly used in the staircasing industry with matching Pin TX screws; however they can be used with any button head machine screw. Suitable where future maintenance may be required.

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2 Hole Pan Head Barrel Nuts

Security Barrel Nuts offer a low profile and aesthetically pleasing secure option for the staircasing industry. Also known as Pig Nose or Snake Eyes. Internally threaded fasteners are made to order to customer specification.

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Clutch Head Security Barrel Nut

Security Barrel Nuts and Sex Bolt Sets are made to your specification. Usually chosen for their aesthetically pleasing appearance. The male screw fits into the female part with both fasteners featuring the security drive.

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Specials and non standard fixings

Looking for fixings with an unusual head diameter or thread length?
Need fasteners with a non-standard finish?

Or do you have other special requirements? Custom fasteners are no problem for Fastenright!

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Other Services

Our skilled technicians can offer a range of services including:

  • Screw cutting and machining
  • Thread locking and sealing
  • Electro-plating

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