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Bronze Fasteners
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Bronze Fasteners

Bronze Fasteners are often mistaken for Brass as they share many similarities in terms of colour and composition. They are both classed as “red metals” due their high Copper content and red tint, with Bronze featuring a duller gold appearance. Modern Bronze typically consists of 88% Copper and 12% Tin, but different alloys can include quantities of other metal, metalloid and non-metal elements such as Lead, Nickel, Zinc, Aluminium, Phosphorus and Silicon.

Bronze components are strong and offer good corrosion resistance due to the high levels of Tin – further increased with the addition of Zinc. The high levels of Copper can result in oxidation of the outer layer when exposed to air, which prevents damage to the interior metal and increases corrosion resistance. However, if Copper Chloride forms, this can result in “Bronze disease” – a destructive process that occurs when Copper-based alloys come into contact with chloride solutions.

Bronze has a melting point of roughly 950°C and is a better conductor of heat and electricity than most types of steel – widely found in electrical applications as a result. Bronze Fasteners are typically non-magnetic, but alloys that contain Nickel or Iron may provide magnetic properties. Alloys with modest amounts of Lead, also known as Bearing Bronzes, offer anti-friction properties at the expense of some strength – often utilised as bushings and bearings.

Available now at Fastenright

We supply a range of Bronze screws, bolts, nuts and washers here at Fastenright – available now from stock or to order. Bronze Fasteners are predominantly manufactured from Aluminium Bronze, Phosphor Bronze, and Silicon Bronze – with other types of Bronze available to order.

Non-standard sizes, grades and finishes are available to order as specials. Fastenright can also provide bespoke components manufactured to specification and drawings. Minimum order quantities apply.

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