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Articles and news about Fastenright Ltd.’s security fasteners and their applications, e.g. helping to prevent theft and reduce vandalism in public areas.
Whatever you need to secure, we’ll find a fixing to do it!

Construction Site Security

Whilst security is a concern for most types of business, construction sites have their own specific problems because they are likely to be unoccupied for periods of time and they usually contain valuable equipment, materials and other assets – including the fuel in...

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Security Fastener Selection

What is the best security fastener for your needs? Standard fasteners have a multitude of uses, but unfortunately there are some circumstances that mean an application requires an added level of security. If you are fixing a high value item in place or need to deter...

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What is a Hex Pin Security Screw?

Hex pin screws are often a good alternative to Pin Tx screws. Have you ever had trouble sourcing a Pin TX security screw in the size you require? How about if you are tasked with sourcing a Pin Hex security screw, but the size you require just doesn't appear to be...

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Measuring up for security screws

Security screws and other tamper resistant fasteners are a great addition to any installation to provide an extra level of security. However, they won’t do their job correctly if you don’t use the right fastener for the job. It is vital to use the exact size to ensure...

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Security Screws – how do they work?

We specialise in security screws and are often asked to explain what makes security screws different from other screws and how they work. To answer the question “what is a security screw?” or “how does this security screw work”, it’s probably easiest to compare them...

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Security is the watchword

As Fastenright, we specialise in the supply of high security screws and naturally have an interest in all matters of security.It seems as though every day there is a new security risk to be concerned about, whether it is protecting our personal data or making sure...

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Preventing motorbike theft

Motorbike theft continues to increase and currently there are approximately twice as many motorbikes stolen than cars - it's probably understandable given their portability. It is not only opportunistic thieves who target motorbikes, they can also be stolen to order...

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