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Brass Screws
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Brass Screws

Brass screws and bolts are a popular choice for a range of applications and assemblies due their diverse set of characteristics. This is dependent on the specific type or grade of Brass.

Offering water resistance and anti-corrosive properties, they are great for external use and are suitable for some coastal environments where regular iron or steel would quickly deteriorate.

It is a soft, machinable material prone to bending and breaking under high torque loads. To prevent stripping or damage, they require a pre-drilled or tapped hole before installation, ideally with a steel screw.

Brass is typically a pale tan or gold-like colour – the perfect choice for use in doors, mirrors, or any vintage-style application requiring a decorative and aesthetically pleasing finish.

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A wide variety of screws and bolts are available now including a selection of hex head screws, machine screws, and thumb screws. These are predominantly supplied in metric thread, with some imperial thread screws and bolts also available.

Thread locking patches can be provided to increase surface friction and prevent self-loosening due to shocks or vibrations. All orders are subject to minimum order quantities.

We also supply custom manufactured Brass fasteners in non-standard sizes, grades and finishes to meet your requirements – including bespoke fasteners made to specification and drawings.

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Brass Screws, Bolts and Fasteners

Brass fasteners are primarily an alloy of Copper and Zinc providing anti-rust, non-magnetic and corrosion resistant properties. There are over 60 different types of Brass that host varying characteristics, depending on the alloy proportion and composition.

We supply a variety of Brass screws and bolts typically available in either:

Brass Cu2 (CuZn37):

Common Brass or Yellow Brass (CZ108) is composed of 37% Zinc, offering good strength, water resistance and corrosion resistance – with excellent cold working properties.

Brass Cu3 (CuZn39Pb3):

Also known as CZ122, this type is composed of roughly 39% Zinc with 3% Lead to provide excellent machinability, as well as a higher degree of strength and corrosion resistance.

Bespoke brass screws can be manufactured to order in non-standard sizes and specialist material grades – minimum order quantities apply.

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