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Security Barrel Nuts Sex Bolt Sets

Large stock range of button head & countersunk head security 6-Lobe Pin Tx barrel nuts and sex bolts, 2-Hole fixings and special sizes manufactured to spec.

Sex bolts sets are mating fasteners, consisting of a security barrel nut (female) with a drilled-out and threaded centre, and a mating tamper proof screw (male) which is designed to fit inside the barrel. These are usually supplied as matched sex bolt sets with the same security drive, tamper proof bolts and nuts can be supplied separately if required.

Tamper Proof Sex Bolts and Barrel Nuts

Security barrel nuts and sex bolt sets are supplied in a variety of different security drive types, including both reusable and permanent options and with moderate to high security levels. Products feature numerous tamper proof head styles that are also available as security screws, including the 2-hole, Pin TX and the Wave.
Alternative names include: interscrews, chicago screws, architectural bolts, torx nuts and bolts and male/female fixings.

View our products below for standard  / stock sizes. We also manufacture customer sizes and specials.

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