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Secure Your Number Plates with Security Screws

Prevent number plate theft with permanent one-way fixings from Fastenright. Clutch head screws manufactured in A2 stainless steel with coloured cover caps.

Anti theft screws for number plates are an ideal solution to the significant issue of number plate theft. Stolen number plates can lead to disastrous consequences for their victims, where the plates can be used to escape paying for road tax, petrol, congestion charges and parking fines amongst other crimes. With the plate registered to the original owner it is up to them to prove their innocence, causing a great deal of stress.

How number plate security screws work

The clutch head screws offer a one way permanent fixing, ensuring that the only way a thief can steal your number plate is by ripping it from the vehicle, which would leave the plate damaged and useless for criminal activity.
We supply in bulk to many organisations including the police, so members of the public should contact their local crime prevention organisation.

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