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Security Screws

Security screws are easy to install, but are manufactured to be difficult or impossible to remove using screwdrivers and standard tools.

Permanent and Reusable Security Screws In Stock

Security screws can be re-usable (where the screw can be removed and re-installed using the corresponding security tool). Also available as permanent one-way screws (where once the screw is installed it cannot be removed).

Machine screw threads require a ‘pre-tapped” hole or mating fastener (nut) on the other end. Self-tapping threads, will tap their own hole or thread, depending on the thread type (although in some cases a suitable pilot hole may be required).

Our security screws have been specially designed with industry professionals in mind, and can be supplied to suit specific commercial applications.

We have a wide range in stock.  Security or anti-theft screws are usually stocked in metric thread, although imperial thread screws are also available.

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