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Security Screws

Security screws (or tamper-proof screws) are easy to install, but are difficult to loosen with a screwdriver. Wide range available from stock and to order.

Permanent and Reusable Tamper Resistant Screws

These tamper proof screws can be re-usable (where the screw can be removed and re-installed using the corresponding security tool). Also available as permanent one-way screws (where once the screw is installed it cannot be removed).

Machine screw threads require a ‘pre-tapped” hole or mating fastener (nut) on the other end. Self-tapping threads, will tap their own hole or thread, depending on the thread type (although in some cases a suitable pilot hole may be required).

Our security screws have been specially designed with industry professionals in mind, and can be supplied to suit specific commercial applications. Anti-theft screws are usually stocked in metric thread, although imperial thread screws are also available.

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