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Captive Screws

Captive Screws are a specialist product that is characterised by their incapacity to be wholly removed from a hole once they have been installed.

Available in a range of variants, with differing heads including cap head, pan head, button head and countersunk, the uses of these fasteners span a wide range of industries and applications.

Reduced Shank Captive Screws Made to Order

Captive Screws are used across a number of different types of industrial machinery, especially where a loose or lost screw could cause catastrophic damage to an assembly or production line.

They are also used across certain military applications where the removal and reinstallation of panels and other components may need to be done efficiently.

Whilst we stock a wide range of sizes and materials of Captive Screws, here at Fastenright we can provide custom manufactured fasteners in whichever size, material or finish you require.

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