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Thread Rolling Screws for Metal

Thread Rolling screws are designed for use with metals, but can be suitable for use in other malleable materials.

Once inserted, the screw creates external threading by forcing excess material into relief areas. An extruded hole may be required when installing in metals which provides extra length and allows for improved screw retention.

They avoid the creation of loose chips which remain following the use of standard thread cutting processes, providing a good surface finish. The nature of the screw eliminates the need for thread tapping as a separate process.

They are widely used in manufacturing as the threads on these screws are designed to provide extra resistance to pull-out vibration, whilst also being able to be inserted without nuts or inserts.

Available now in a variety of head types, thread diameters and lengths. Both Metric and Imperial sizes are also available.
Manufactured in Steel and Stainless Steel, and available in Zinc Plated or Black Plated finishes.

Special sizes and custom fixings are also available to order. These can be made to customer drawings and specification.

Check out our large range of Thread Rolling screws, available from Fastenright.

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