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Captive Panel Fasteners
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Captive Panel Fasteners

Captive Panel Fasteners are designed to attach components to panels and thin sheet metal without the use of traditional joining methods such as welding. They prevent full removal of components, thus reducing the risk of damage whilst retaining access to an application. These fasteners are typically spring-loaded and supplied as multi-piece assemblies containing a Captive Panel Screw and a Captive Panel Retainer. There are three standard mounting styles:

Installed by applying sufficient squeezing force using a press. The panel material is displaced and forced into the undercut and around the knurled self-clinch feature. This prevents movement and rotation for a secure join. No additional hole preparation is required.

The applied squeezing force deforms the end of the retainer as opposed to the panel. This style can be installed into any panel hardness or thin material, and is often used with Stainless Steel panels as a result. The mounting hole requires a countersink for installation.

Flare-Mounted, Floating:
Similar to the flare-mounted style but the end of the retainer is deformed over a washer as opposed to the panel. This style also compensates for mating thread misalignment, allowing for a small amount of float within the mounting hole.

Captive Panel Screws Available Now

We supply a range of Captive Panel Fasteners with a selection of mounting styles and drive types to suit your required application. Here at Fastenright we specialise in non-standard fasteners and fixings, with the ability to supply bespoke components manufactured to customer drawings. Minimum order quantities apply.

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