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Thread Forming Screws
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Thread Forming Screws for Plastic

Fastenright thread forming screws for plastic (FasPlas) are designed for use on thermoplastic materials, and will slice through plastic with minimal stress and low installation torque.
Also known as PT® screws.

These metal screws require pre-drilled or moulded holes and most commonly have a 30° or 45° flank angle, although 60° angles are also available for specialist applications. For screwing into thinner materials, a selection of our FasPlas screws are available with trilobular heads, which lessen the risk of burst out.

Thread forming screws for plastic are widely used in manufacturing, where they can be used as part of an automated assembly process, as the threads on these screws are designed to cut further into the material, providing extra resistance to pull-out and can be inserted without nuts or inserts.

Screws for plastic – in stock

Stocked in a range of diameters, thread lengths and a variety of head types. Imperial and metric thread forming screws for plastic are available.
Manufactured in stainless steel and steel, and available zinc or black plated, with standard sizes available from stock.
Custom sizes available to order and we also manufacture special screws to customer drawings.

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