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Security Bolts
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Security Bolts

Security bolts (tamper proof bolts) provide a high security fixing solution, either permanent or reusable. A large range in stock, & specials made to order.

Permanent and re-usable Tamper-Proof Bolts

Tamper proof bolts are offered in varying degrees of security from low torque and low security, to high torque, premium security bolts such as Fastenright’s patented Tricone® Security Bolt.

We offer a variety of security drives for our reusable and permanent anti-tamper bolts. Each reusable bolt is fastened using a matching security tool, whilst some permanent anti-theft bolts also require a security tool to fasten (e.g. Kinmar permanent bolt). Each reusable high security bolt is suitable for use with matching nuts.

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The Importance of Security Bolts

The deployment of security fasteners is one of the most effective ways to protect and prevent access to an object, area, or location. They are designed to deter and thwart malicious acts which include the likes of tampering, vandalism, and thievery. These safeguards are often desired for applications that are considered vulnerable, or at a higher risk of unlawful human intervention resulting in damaged or stolen property. Using security bolts not only reduces likelihood of an application being targeted by such individuals, but also provides the user with additional peace of mind.

Types of Security Bolt

There are various types of tamper-proof bolt offering either a removable or permanent security solution. An example of a reusable, high-security fastener is our own Tricone® Security Bolt, which provides the highest security of any bolt available on the market. This patented product is only available at Fastenright, and each tool is uniquely coded to provide full traceability. In contrast, some security fasteners are unable to be removed post installation. Button Head Shear Bolts feature a hexagonal portion above the head which snaps off once the maximum fastening torque load has been achieved. This results in a plain bolt head with no drive with which to remove the bolt.

Choosing the right size Security Bolt

Ensuring you purchase the correct diameter and length bolt is vital to the overall effectiveness of an application, especially in situations where safety is the primary concern. If the thread is not wide enough, then the bolt will not fit correctly within the target housing. This could result in the fastener being extracted using non-security tools such as pliers. Similarly, if the thread does not reach far enough into the material, there may not be adequate threads to hold the bolt in place. This could also facilitate unauthorised removal of the bolt and compromise security. Therefore, it is essential to understand the application requirements and measure up correctly so that the appropriate fixing can be supplied.

Security Bolts in Stock

We stock a large selection of security fasteners in a wide variety of sizes, head styles and drive types. This includes a range of M2, M2.5, M3, M4, M5, M6, M8 & M10 diameter security bolts. For further details, please click on the specific product pages above where you will find relevant information, technical data and drawings, as well as current availability.

Specialist & Large Diameter Security Bolts

Here at Fastenright we can supply an extensive range of specialist security fasteners to suit your application or assembly, either from stock or to order with short lead times. This includes larger diameter security bolts, screws, and nuts – ideal for large commercial and industrial projects.

We can provide larger size fasteners on request, usually in a Pin Hex, Pin Torx or Wave Security Drive – including M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30, M33, M36, M39, M42, M45 & M48 diameter security bolts. Bespoke security bolts and fasteners made to customer drawings can also be supplied.

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