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Molybdenum Fasteners
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Molybdenum Fasteners

Molybdenum Bolts, Screws, Nuts & Washers

Molybdenum Fasteners, made of Molybdenum, are a popular choice in many applications due to their excellent heat resistance, high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion rate – whilst offering good levels of corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity.

This silvery-white metal is a by-product of copper and tungsten mining, often used for the creation of screws, bolts, nuts and washers. Components manufactured from pure Molybdenum contain at least 99.95% purity and feature an extremely high melting point of 2620°C – one of the highest of all pure elements.

Its strength levels are maintained at increased temperatures – a great choice for high strength and high temperature applications, or those without the presence of oxygen e.g. sputtering equipment and vacuum furnaces. Weak oxidation of Molybdenum starts at 300°C, with increased oxidation taking place at temperatures above 600°C.

Molybdenum is often used in alloy compositions to add or enhance specific properties e.g. TZM (Titanium-Zirconium-Molybdenum) – in this case offering higher tensile strength and creep strength compared to commercially pure Molybdenum.

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Fastenright supply a range of Molybdenum Fasteners either from stock or to order. See below for detailed product information, size charts, drawings and technical specifications. These fasteners are available in a variety of sizes, with non-standard sizes, grades and finishes available to order as specials.

Many of our components can be manufactured from Molybdenum on request. We can also supply bespoke components made to specification and drawings. Minimum order quantities apply.

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Molybdenum Screws, Fasteners and Fixings

Molybdenum is a silvery-white metal that is very ductile and incredibly resistant to corrosion.

It easily forms compounds with other elements and is recovered as a by-product from the mining of tungsten or copper.

It’s mostly found in small amounts in missiles, engines, electric heater filaments, but commercial use often finds molybdenum as part of an alloy.

When in use in fasteners, they maintain strength at elevated temperatures – as they have a very high melting point of 2620 degrees centigrade, as well as a high level of thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion rate. Because they can withstand temperatures without changing shape, expanding or softening significantly, they’re ideal for high-temperature vacuum furnaces, glass production and military applications.

Exposure to temperatures above 600 degrees will cause a molybdenum fastener to oxidise.

We are able to provide nuts in molybdenum in sizes ranging from M1.6 to M6 as standard, with molybdenum washers also in sizes ranging from M1.6 to M6 and bolts in sizes from M1.6 x 10mm to M5 X 10mm.

If you require more information or would like to order a product in Molybdenum, please contact us.

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