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Plastic Security Screws

Security screws made from plastic for specific high security applications. Featuring the wave security head, made to order in a range of sizes and colours.
Plastic screws are resistant to corrosion and wear and are gaining in popularity due to the wide range of applications where they can provide a better alternative to standard metal screws.

Example applications:
◾Where metal fixings may cause safety concerns, e.g. due to sharp edges
◾In secure or sensitive environments – as, depending on the type of plastic used, they can have a weaker breaking strength than metal screws
◾In non-metallic applications where steel or stainless parts may interfere with electronics
◾In children’s toys, to reduce any potential injury a metallic screw may cause
◾For products where weight is critical, as plastic screws are lighter than metal
◾To replace screws which may require colour coding – rather than a semi-permanent painted screw head, plastic screws can be manufactured in different colours for a permanent solution

Featuring the wave security head and patented drive design, Fastenright’s unique plastic security screws offer a high level of security and are available to order in a variety of sizes and colours.

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