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Sealing Fasteners

Sealing Fasteners protect against harsh climates as well moisture and gas by preventing contaminates including dirt and water from entering the application through gaps between the fastener and the contact surface. This is achieved through the use of a rubber O ring under the fastener which forms a seal.

Sealing fasteners are reusable (within limits) and supplied pre assembled and so are easy to use as well as providing 360 degree multidirectional sealing.

Advantages also include:

  • Seal screws can compensate for tolerance run-out
  • Made from compounds that can resist virtually all aggressive chemical & environmental applications
  • Provide metal-to-metal contact
  • No special installation tools or primers necessary
  • No maintenance/re-tightening needed

Available in a wide range of different types and sizes including screws, bolts, nuts, rivets and security fasteners, with specials available to order. Thread patches can also be applied to provide anti vibration protection.

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