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In the second edition of our blog series ‘A Fastenright Guide to…’, we’re going to be exploring something we specialise in – one way screws. We often explain to customers what makes these screws different, why they should be used in their application and even how they work.

If you missed our first guide blog, make sure to head back into the archives and find out more about Screw Drives.

One Way Screws for Permanent Security

Our one way screw range, which are also referred to as one way security fasteners, are suitable for applications that require a fixing that will never need to, or never should be, removed. They are often secured using non-standard tooling due to their design being unique, but a number of the fasteners may require security bits to be fastened.

If your application may require ongoing maintenance, you may be better off purchasing a reusable two way screw – which is secured with a tool or bit that solely matches the unique drive of a specific fixing – meaning they are tamper proof against thieves that are using standardised tools.

We are able to stock both permanent nuts and one way screws in a range of sizes and materials and are also able to provide non-standard specifications to order.

A Wide Range of One Way Screws

Our range of one way one way screws ranges from a clutch headed range, to shear bolts. Often these products are used in applications where there is little, if any, need for maintenance, such as train or bus stations, prisons, public facilities such as toilets and industrial roofing.

The clutch head range has unique heads that provide an excellent permanent solution, but can, however, be time-consuming to install. They are most commonly used within public areas such as commercial toilet facilities.

We also stock the range of Kinmar® Permanent nuts and bolts which are a patented, high torque design. They are efficient fasteners in applications where the highest level of security is needed and are often used in security fencing, street furniture, public transport and playgrounds.

There is also the Sentinel range, which offers security resistance at a relatively low cost and are typically used in prisons, toilets and industrial roofing.

And finally, there are a number of Shear Bolts with differing heads, which are vandal proof and one of the best one way fasteners available – they are typically used in prisons, banks, construction and public environments.

Get in Touch for One Way Screws

Our range of one way screws, and nuts, is expansive and there’s a number of applications that could benefit from one of the items in our stock.

If the products aren’t in a size that would work for you, get in touch and we can work on getting a special made to order for you.

If you require more information or would like to order, please contact an experienced member of our sales team by phone call or our enquiry form.


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