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Number plate theft on the rise

Most vehicle crime statistics focus on the theft of vehicles themselves, or belongings in the car. Apparently it takes as little as 10 seconds for an experienced operator to steal something from your car and the common sense advice is to make sure our cars and vans...

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What is a Hex Pin Security Screw?

Hex pin screws are often a good alternative to Pin Tx screws. Have you ever had trouble sourcing a Pin TX security screw in the size you require? How about if you are tasked with sourcing a Pin Hex security screw, but the size you require just doesn’t appear to...

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Measuring up for security screws

Security screws and other tamper resistant fasteners are a great addition to any installation to provide an extra level of security. However, they won’t do their job correctly if you don’t use the right fastener for the job. It is vital to use the exact size to ensure...

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Security Screws – how do they work?

We specialise in security screws and are often asked to explain what makes security screws different from other screws and how they work. To answer the question “what is a security screw?” or “how does this security screw work”, it’s probably easiest to compare them...

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Security for contactless devices

Technology is continually advancing in every sector. If there’s a method that is slow, cumbersome or requires hiring a person to do a job, you can guarantee there is something being created to automate the process. An example of this would be contactless technology....

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