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Lock Nuts are exemplary in a number of real-world solutions involving high-temperature conditions, and when their strength is required in mechanical equipment.

The nuts, in a material like Hastelloy, are ideal for applications such as hot chemical processing involving hazardous acids. This is due to the material’s corrosion resistance, whether it is in Hastelloy or other corrosion-resistant materials, as well as the nut providing guaranteed locking – which is useful in this application as the vibrating processes can cause fasteners to loosen.

In high-temperature environments, fasteners can have a number of problems as they constantly expand and contract, so the choice of lock nut material is important in regards to preventing loosening from thermal loosening.

For environments when the above is not a factor, such as mechanical applications, lock nuts are still as useful as these require high strength.

Are Lock Nuts Able to be Reused?

Lock nuts made exclusively of metal are incredibly reliable and some classes of lock nuts can be considered military standard due to the number of cycles of prevailing torque it can provide. These can be used with high-temperatures and distribute even loads when fastened.

They are able to be reused, but only if the prevailing torque meets certain specifications.

Lock Nuts with a Nylon Insert are perhaps the most reliable lock nut, as it is only limited by the temperature of the application it has been used in. These are found in lower temperature applications, typically less than 177°C due to the polymers within the nylon lock nut.

They provide desirable reusability and can be used assuredly up to fifteen times after an initial fastening.

Lock Nuts Available from Fastenright

We can supply a wide range of lock nuts in a number of materials and finishes that could benefit your specific applications, whether they include exposure to high temperatures or levels of corrosion or any other environmental application concerns. See our wide range of nuts.

Often referred to as half nuts, we stock sizes of M8 to M12 but can have specials made to order.

For more information about lock nuts with or without a nylon insert, and how they could benefit your application, please contact us.

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