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The theft of solar panels is becoming more of a regular occurrence Worldwide, with people losing tens of thousands in equipment.

Solar panels are valuable, and anything valuable within our society can be a target for thieves. Only last year did thieves steal around £50,000 worth of solar panels and inverters from a rooftop installation in Lincolnshire. A complete rooftop installation was stolen, leaving just one panel hanging from the property. To put that into perspective, that’s two tonnes of panels that were stolen.

The panels revolutionised the energy market and have made a huge difference in regards to the environment, so it’s certainly a shame that these products are being targeted by thieves and vandals as an easy option for a quick buck. With the likes of Google Earth able to offer solar panel thieves an insight into their next target, residential and commercial properties in remote areas – although no property is truly safe.

Security Fasteners for Solar Panels

That’s where we come in.

Security fasteners provide a solution to securing your solar panels provides a solution without the extra material cost, as well as creating a difficult barrier for thieves to break through. Our special solar panel security screws for external use help prevent theft in residential areas and solar farms.

They require an insert bit or key wrench to remove, meaning that the worry about your expensive, environmentally-conscious panel will just disappear.

Security Pin Hex Cap Screws for Solar Panels

These security pin hex cap screws for solar panels are available in stainless steel and steel zinc plating and are tamper-resistant fixings requiring special driver bits or tools to fix or remove, and are suitable for high torque applications.

These screws offer a medium security resistance against vandals and thieves at a relatively low cost.

They are suitable for securing solar panels in place of standard fixings, using an M8 thread.

Security Screws for Solar Panels

These security screws for solar panels feature a unique fan-shaped drive, with a flange head and serrations under the head. It requires a special key wrench to insert and remove.

Designed for use in tight spaces and channels, these screws are perfect for protecting solar panels, but they can also be used in other applications with a recess or a channel such as lamp posts due to the fan style head. The drive is particularly effective in resistance to cam-out and can be used with various security nuts including shear nuts, Kinmar reusable nuts, and more.

They are available in stainless steel.

Screws for Solar Panels from Fastenright

These security screws for solar panels are available from stock in certain sizes, with other diameters, lengths and materials available to order.

Specials can be made to order as long as minimum order requirements are met. To find out more, please call us.




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