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The din 916 configuration is the most common grub screw and did you know that there is a security version? If you have an application where you would ordinarily use socket setscrews, you may be interested to know that here at Fastenright, we can supply the security version. This forms part of our Pin Hex range of security screws, and offers an alternative for an application where there is a risk of tampering.

The purpose of a grub or set screw is to join two objects together, first developed in the early part of the last century to improve safety by removing the need for a head on the screw. This was because when the head of the screw protruded there was a potential for an accident particularly when used on moving parts on machinery. These headless setscrews are now in common usage throughout the world. Commonly they have a hexagonal recess enabling them to be tightened using a hex drive or insert bit. This type of drive allows for better torque and reduces the likelihood of the tool slipping out of the screw, as might be the case with a screwdriver.

Similar to the other pinned screws in our range, Security Grub Screws are essentially a stainless steel socket setscrew modified by inserting a pin into the hex socket. The pin prevents a standard hex tool, such as an allen key, being used with the setscrew, as it stops the driver from being placed into the socket. This means that a matching tool or bit with a hole for the pin is required to fasten, and more importantly remove the fixing! Of course, special bits and key wrenches are available when purchasing these screws.

Our standard security grub screw has the most common cup point, conforming to Din 916, although security versions of other points (flat, dog and cone) can also be supplied.

There are various other names which refer to the drive of security grub screw, these include Hex Pin, Tamper Pin Hex, Socket Screw with Pin and din 916 with Pin. It is a problem with the fastener industry that there are often several different names applied to the same fixing, but if you are unsure about what you are looking for you can always contact us.

We can offer this range of security grub screws in virtually any size that a standard socket setscrew is available in, with some sizes even available off-the-shelf.

There is more information on our security grub screws here and don’t forget if you need non-standard sizes or materials, these are available to order including small volume manufacture.