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As Fastenright, we specialise in the supply of high security screws and naturally have an interest in all matters of security.It seems as though every day there is a new security risk to be concerned about, whether it is protecting our personal data or making sure that no one runs off with our number plates. As technology becomes more and more sophisticated, the opportunities to tamper with information and physical possessions are increasing and for every new security measure introduced, it seems there’s someone with a way to get around it.

Password security is really important – we all have so many to manage and the tendancy to choose something which is easy to remember also makes it easy for someone else to work out.  There was an instance a couple of years ago where webcam feeds in shops, offices and homes were accessed and shown on a Russian based website (see BBC article here). This was possible because the webcam users were either using a factory default password, or none at all, when accessing their feeds remotely. It’s great to be able to keep an eye on things via your phone when you are out and about, but not so good if the rest of the world can also view. A simple password change would have prevented this security breach and resulting data theft. And of course it’s not only the data that can be stolen from a webcam, but we need to secure the webcam itself from theft!

Earlier this year, 272 million Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts were stolen and were apparently being traded online. (See Independent article here). Fortunately there are tools available to help with password management – just search online for some examples. The main thing is to be aware and make sure that you use different, ideally complex passwords which you keep safe.

High security screws – why you might need them

At Fastenright, we’re more concerned with securing physical items (see our recent blog about securing contactless devices) and we supply security fixings for use in high risk areas such as prisons, banks and government facilities, which need a high level of security, from theft, vandalism and break-ins. There are a variety of security fixings that can be used to deter the wrong doer and prevent costly damage. Shear bolts, where the hexagon portion of the bolt snaps off when it is tightened up to leave a difficult to remove plain head, are ideal where a permanent fixing is required and the item being secured does not need to be removed. Reusable fixings are used where, for example, maintenance has to be carried out periodically and the secured object has to be moved. In this case something like a torx security screw or bolt would be used which can be removed using a special tool, and then refitted to maintain security.

All of these measures help to prevent the opportunist theif looking for easy pickings, where the effort involved in stealing secured items is probably not worth the bother for them. This isn’t always the case though. For higher value items, a thief may well think it worth their while to expend a bit more effort in accessing them. A torx screw, for example is not obviously easy to remove, but with access to a suitable removal tool then the security can be compromised.

To achieve a higher security level Fastenright have developed the premium Tricone® security bolt. This fixing uses a patented design, which offers the highest level of security and when fixed can only be removed using a unique tool registered to the purchaser of the bolts. The tools are fully traceable, so that only authorised personnel have access to remove the bolts.


Tricone® security bolts are is ideal where there is public access around high value equipment. For example we recently supplied them to a university music studio, where there was a variety of expensive apparatus in an area with fairly open access.
There are many situations where high value items are of necessity in public view and with the consequent potential to be stolen. For example stores selling the small electrical devices we need to run our lives, have to display phones, computers, ipads and other accessories to potential customers. Items like this are attractive to the light fingered and need securing, but equally, in a retail environment, customers don’t want to see an unattractive fixing securing the product sticking out.

The Tricone® has an attractive polished domed stainless steel head which is aesthetically pleasing as well as offering high security, making it ideal where a secure fixing is visible.


Security should be a consideration for all of us. At least if we take all the precautions we can, we should be able to sleep easier at night, and after all, prevention is better than cure.

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