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Slim Head Screws are often used to fit into narrow spaces, where raised head screws generally would not fit.

TX Micro Profile Head ScrewsWhen they have been fastened they are totally flat, therefore offering an aesthetically pleasing finish due to the low profile finish. As they don’t protrude post-fasten, they do not affect the appearance of the application – allowing your application’s aesthetic to continue looking as expected –  with minimal to no disruption.

They are ideal for use in equipment or devices that require space-saving or that have limited space to fasten screws, and can often come in different types such as vented, tamper-resistant and more.

Also referred to as Micro Profile Head Screws, these screws are available with a TX 6-Lobe drive, a socket drive, Quadwing Drive or a Tri-Drive and can often be found within industries including robotics and electronics.

Slim Head Screws can also be coloured to match the application or blend into a coloured panel. which aids in helping the screws to stand out as part of a quirky design in applications like drones and robotics, or even colour coding for use in identifying electrical wiring. This negates the need to spray or paint standard screws and these are available in a range of colours.

TX Micro Profile Head Screws Red

Slim Head Screws from Stock

They are available from stock at Fastenright in a range of sizes, from M2 to M6 thread diameter as standard in a range of materials and finishes, including A2 stainless steel, steel (which is available plated in finishes including zinc, black or nickel) and aluminium.

See our wide range of Slim Head screws.

Slim Head Screws are also available with imperial threads as opposed to metric.

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