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Stainless Steel Fasteners generally don’t need lubrication as they do not corrode. However, there are two reasons why lubricating Stainless Steel Fasteners is important, and they’re issues that need to be avoided. These issues do not happen regularly, but whilst infrequent, are incredibly distressing for those trying to continue with their application.

Galling, or thread galling is when two fasteners become unexpectedly locked together, almost like they have been welded together. This is often the case when a nut is placed onto a male thread. Galling can happen even when a nut is not even fully tightened onto a male thread or when the thread becomes locked into the tapped area that it is being installed into.

This means that often the only way to remove them is to saw through the thread and remove the nut, which in essence will destroy the fastener and increase costs. Pre-assembly lubrication would avoid this.

How Can Thread Galling be Avoided?

There’s also a potential for a reaction between metals that are dissimilar and exposed to things like salt water. This process is sometimes referred to as ‘galvanic corrosion’, which, for example, is when the moisture from salt water causes a metal like stainless steel to corrode a metal like aluminium.

Lubricating the fasteners properly before them being assembled creates a sort of ‘barrier’ between the metals, also dispelling moisture as their reaction can only happen if the metals are actually touching each other.

The lubrication of the fasteners completely depreciate the chances of locking or corrosion during or after assembly. This usually happens with stainless steel, titanium or aluminium fasteners, as well as any other alloys that create a corrosion resistant film.

Whilst lubricating may not prove to offer complete immunity, it will certainly aid in preventing it as much as possible.

Avoid Thread Galling With Our Stainless Steel Range

Now you know why lubrication is so important in regards to stainless steel fasteners, and how to avoid thread galling wherever possible, you can feel confident when purchasing from our extensive stainless steel range.

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