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When it comes to finding the right screws for your applications, there are various measurements that need to be considered. The most obvious measurements are the length and diameter of the screw shank, but there are other aspects of the fastener that should also be measured to ensure that you achieve the most accurate fit. Here we look at what thread pitch is and why it’s so important when measuring up for screws.





Standard categories of screw thread pitch

The thread of a screw is the crucial part that enables you to attach the screw to the required fastener. The thread pitch of a screw is simply the distance between these threads. The thread pitch on a screw will usually be defined under various categories, such as standard, fine or extra fine. The finer the pitch, the closer the threads are together.

These categories signify a specific measurement depending on the size of the thread. For example, for an M12 size screw with standard thread, the pitch will always measure 1.75mm, with fine thread the pitch will measure 1.5mm and extra fine will measure 1.25mm.

Why do you need to know what the thread pitch is?

The thread pitch measurement is critical because if the thread pitch on the screw doesn’t match the nut that it will be used with, you won’t be able to secure the screw properly. You wouldn’t use a screw with a different diameter or length measurement than the one you need for your application, so the same should apply for the thread pitch. If the wrong pitch is used, the screw may not be securely fastened, which could cause problems for any application, and particularly if you’re using security screws.

How to make sure you get the right screw pitch

If you are looking for screws with a standard pitch, you don’t need to specify this when making an enquiry as it is generally assumed that you are looking for the standard pitch unless you state otherwise. If you are looking for any other thread pitch than the standard measurement, such as fine or extra fine, you will need to make sure you state this in your query.  At Fastenright, we like to double check the details, so if you provide the measurements you need for your screws, we will be able to tell which thread pitch you need. For example, if you ask for a screw measuring M12 x 1.25 x 40mm, we will know that you need an extra fine thread pitch.

Most screws taken from stock are supplied with a standard thread pitch. This means they are more readily available so can be purchased quickly and as needed. Other thread pitch requirements are not usually stocked as they are generally made to order, so we recommend ordering ahead so you can ensure they will be available when you need them.

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