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Self-locking Counter Nuts, which are made to specifications of DIN 7967, are often referred to as stamped sheet metal check-nuts or self-locking counter-nuts, and sometimes as Palnuts ®. They have a number of protruding tabs which flatten and lock in place during their installation.

They are made from spring-like steel, allowing them to distort under load and return to their original shape when threaded. Their lightweight, low profile allows users to tighten them with an internal wrench and allows them to be used in small, tricky areas where space may be restricted.

What Different Self-Locking Counter Nuts Exist, and What are They Used For?

There are a number of differing types of self-locking counter nuts that come in a variety of sizes and design features, each of which will be able to provide different positives for applications.

  • Metric Counter Nuts

There are a number of types of metric counter nuts, including acorn type, multi-thread, arched and flat round type and self-threading options.

  • Non-threaded Counter Nuts

Non-threaded counter nuts, including acorn type, washer cap type, blind type and more, are generally pushed onto studs or non-threaded projections. With prevailing torque, these fasteners provide vibration resistance that is excellent, whilst also cutting the cost of cutting threads and the number of problems surrounding cross-threading.

These are often used to be involved in better designs, that are simpler and more economical.

  • Threaded Counter Nuts

Counter nut lock nuts include acorn type, capped washer type, bolt retainers, regular lock nuts and more, are the most common Palnuts® with a design principle that has lasted for well over 60 years. Used for load-carrying in light-duty assemblies or assuring tightness in high-stress assemblies when used on top of ordinary nuts. Regarding initial cost and assembly time, they offer impressive savings and are also re-usable.

Counter Nuts Available from Fastenright

If you’re on the lookout for DIN 7967 counter nuts or Palnuts®, we can provide them from stock in steel galvanised, steel zinc, self colour and A2 and A4 stainless steel in a range of thread sizes.

For more information, or to order today, please contact our experienced sales team by giving us a call or using our enquiry form.

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