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You might be wondering when to use washers in fastening.

In a number of applications, washers are a critical element of the use of fasteners – and not using them could lead to a significantly subdued lifespan of the fastener in the application or product. Not using a washer accurately, or at all, when it is necessary, can result in long term damage to the application or product that you are fastening into.

Washers can be used in a number of circumstances, for example when you are making the fastening that you are working with more waterproof, by sealing any spacial leakage. You can also use a washer in providing a tighter fasten within an application.

They aid in the distribution of the shock load of nuts, bolts, screws and other threaded fasteners and helps prevent them from becoming damaged or even unscrewed.

The Types of Washers for Fastening Available

The most popular type of washer for fastening is a plain one, as they diffuse loads and prevent exterior damage – as well as providing insulation against electrical currents – and they frequently perform in applications where the hole is larger than the nut. There are a number of different subcategories of plain washers that can be used as a fastener.

There are also locking washers, which prevent nuts, bolts, screws, and various other fasteners from unscrewing during machine operation. Whilst there are a number of variations, they all do the same thing and hold the fastener in place. Widely used in household appliances, automotive parts and aerospace parts.

Spring washers are also incredibly popular. They are flexible washers that provide a compensating spring force to prevent components from loosening due to vibration. Spring washers are used to mitigate the wear and tear to fasteners as they perform their tasks – and are often found in vibrating motors, aircraft and landing gears.

Other types include flat washers, which are round, thin plates which are used to distribute fastener loads, and square washers which often prevent pull through in applications involving square head bolts.

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Our washers are available in a number of sizes, materials and finishes, for use in a range of fastening applications. Some products can be made to order.

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