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Our wide vented fastener range included vented screws, which are also known as vacuum screws, as well as a number of other fastener types including washers and bolts for furniture.

Generally, these fasteners are used alongside vented washers and within vacuum systems, allowing surface contaminants to be extracted and stopping pockets of gas becoming trapped. They also help with the elimination of virtual leaks in HV and UHV systems.

What are the types of Vented Fasteners?

Vented Washers

Vented washers, sometimes referred to as vacuum washers, are created to DIN 125A (with vent).

Available as standard in A2 stainless steel in sizes M2 to M12, with specials available to order upon request, these washers aid in the removal of virtual leaks. Virtual leaks are created when a fastener is threaded into a hole and leaves air space that cannot be fully evacuated.

When a vented washer is used alongside a vented screw, this allows residual gas trapped in the hole or created by the fastening of the screw to evacuate.

Vented Furniture Fasteners

Just like normal fasteners for furniture, but hosting a vent, we can provide a wide range of fasteners for furniture. One of these fasteners is a vented furniture connector bolt.

This bolt features a hex drive with an aesthetic head style, which makes it perfect for furniture.

It is available in A2 stainless steel from M5 to M8 as standard, with specials available to order.

Vented Screws (Heads/Drives/Points)

There’s a wide range of screws with a range of different heads, drives or points that make exceptionally useful fastening devices.

With options including dog point, cup point, cone point and flat point socket set screws, 6-lob torx screws in both cap, pan and countersunk heads and hex heads too, there’s a wide range of vented fasteners for an astounding amount of applications.

Available in a range of sizes – with specials available to order.

Vented Fasteners Available from Fastenright

The aforementioned, as well as many more vented fasteners, are available from us in a range of sizes.

Please call us for more information.

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