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Which Rivet Gun Best Suits My Application?

A rivet gun is an integral part of installing rivets. Rivets are a useful fastener that is designed to hold two materials together, for example two sheets of metal.

It’s important to understand how rivets work before you delve deeper into the world of rivet guns.

Rivets host two parts, the ‘hat’ and the ‘mandrel’. The mandrel goes through the inside of the hat, getting pulled during the installation. During this pulling process, the mandrel deforms the back of the hat before snapping, leaving a clean, finished application.

The Types of Rivet Guns Available

There are a number of varieties of rivet gun available, including a hand rivet gun, lever riveter, battery powered riveting tools and pnuematic rivet guns.

Hand Rivet Gun

Hand powered rivet guns work with a simple lever and require manual squeezing from an operator. They are an excellent choice for the ‘occasional user’, for those who have a project that just requires a few rivets, rather than for long term applicational use.

This style of rivet gun comes with several nose piece options to fit a range of blind rivets.

Made of steel and hosting a rubber grip.

When used repeatedly, it can be very stressful on the hands, wrists and forearms, which makes it a better option for smaller projects.

Lever Rivet Tool

The next step up from hand rivet guns are lever riveting tools which are able to work with a wider range of sizes.

They are for more heavy duty work, and are easier on the user – despite requiring physical strength by the user due to the larger size and lever action.

Pneumatic Rivet Guns

Pneumatic rivet guns are powered by compressed air to install rivets with relative speed and ease. It is in fact, the fastest way to install rivets.

There is a range of pros and cons for pneumatic rivet guns. Pros include their lightweight construction, as most modern handheld guns will not wear out your hands or arms like the tools mentioned above, their ease of use, as they follow a simple process in their riveting allowing the placement of multiple rivets in a short span of time, and a quality precision attachment every time.

They also don’t need a rechargeable power source due to their air hoses.

The cons include the maintaining of the gun, as the compressor and air hose should be oiled and looked after, and the right pressure settings need to be used. They are also tricky to repair and have a limited range due to the air hose.

We are able to provide pneumatic rivet guns that can fit M3 to M12 rivets and M4 to M10 rivets.

Contact us for Rivet Gun Information and Orders

The above rivet guns can be used across a range of industries, including aerospace and automotive – where assembly lines and tight spaces require convenient riveting. They are also used in construction and metal fabrication.

If you require more information regarding rivet guns and how they could benefit your application, please contact us.


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