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Aluminium Nyloc Nuts (DIN 985)

Aluminium Nyloc Nuts are economic locking nuts which are ideal within applications where motion or vibration could loosen or undo the nut.

It can be used to assist sealing the bolt thread against seepage of various liquids; such as oil, water, petrol and paraffin, as well as others.

Nyloc Nuts are torque prevailing nuts which use a plastic or nylon insert which is located toward the top of the nut, reducing its inner diameter which then deforms over the mating thread, capturing the bolt or screw and providing a locking feature which causes resistance or prevailing torque. This keeps the nut locked into position and resistant to vibration.

They are re-usable and available in thread sizes from M3 to M12 as standard. Larger sizes are also available to order as specials.

They are created to DIN standard 985. DIN standard 982, an Aluminium High Type Nyloc Nut is also available.

Please contact us with your requirements to further your enquiry.

Nyloc diagram image

Aluminium Nyloc Nuts (DIN 985)
d1 e (min.) h (max.) m s
M3 6.01 4 2.4 5.5
M4 7.88 5 2.9 7
M5 8.73 5 3.2 8
M6 11.05 6 4 10
M8 14.38 8 6.6 13
M10 18.9 10 6.5 17
M12 21.1 12 8 19
M16 28.75 16 10.5 24
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