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Hex Rivet Bushes

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Hex Rivet Bushes provide a strong, reusable, captivated thread, in panels that are too thin to be tapped conventionally.

They do not suffer under limitations that self-clinching nuts do, and are suitable for installation into the panels of any hardness – such as those made from stainless steel.

Hex Rivet Bushes feature a hexagon body, with an undercut shoulder – which provides six points that bite into the panel and excellent torque to turn resistance.

Generally, they are manufactured to suit a specific panel thickness and are available in a number of materials including Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Brass. There are also a wide range of other materials and finishes available.

Sizes range from M2 to M12, with specials available upon request.

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Technical Data and Available Sizes
Thread Sheet Thickness Hole Size in Sheet
M2.5 10 – 20 Swg 5.54
M3 10 – 20 Swg 5.54
M3.5 10 – 20 Swg 6.73
M4 10 – 20 Swg 6.73
M5 10 – 20 Swg 7.92
M6 10 – 20 Swg 9.52
M8 10 – 20 Swg 12.7
M10 10 – 20 Swg 15.87
M12 10 – 20 Swg 19.05
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