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Rivet Gun Battery Cordless M3 to M12

This Battery Cordless Rivet Gun is the perfect power tool for installing M3 to M12 blind rivet nuts – suitable for Steel, A2 Stainless Steel, A4 Stainless Steel and Aluminium material types.

The tool is operated by a single trigger for setting and spin-off. It features a mode for automatic installation which removes the need to use the trigger entirely – simply push the rivet nut onto the mandrel and it installs automatically.

Featuring a brushless DC motor, this powerful rivet gun hosts a strong and sturdy design with an ergonomic grip for prolonged use. The cordless design removes the need for hoses and power cables, making it extremely portable for use in any location.

The built-in controls enable precise stroke adjustment in 0.1mm increments up to a maximum stroke length of 10mm, while the digital display keeps count of the number of rivet nuts that have been set.

This Battery Cordless Rivet Gun comes with interchangeable noses to set M4 to M12 rivet nuts. Nose kits to install M3 rivet nuts are available on request, as well as optional conversion kits for Q-Bolts, Q-Split nuts and Q-Fold nuts.

Supplied with two 20v 2Ah batteries, this device is capable of installing up to 1,200 M6 rivet nuts from a single charge – ideal for applications that require low to medium scale installation.

Please make an enquiry for further details. We supply a selection of rivet nut tools here at Fastenright, including a wide range of open end, closed end, and split leg Rivet Nuts – from stock or to order with short lead times.

Rivet Gun Battery Cordless M3 to M12 Technical Data
Model Stroke Pull Force Capacity
Series N12XL 10mm 25 kN M3*, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12
*Requires optional nose kit.

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