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Knurled Pins and Studs

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Knurled Pins and Studs are fasteners that are compressed via press fitting into a hole and are ideal for use within plastic moulding applications and as anchor bolts for racking and HD shelving.

They are similar to grooved pins because of a serration around the nominal diameter of the pin, but the knurling differs the two. Knurled pins are typically roll formed.

Widely considered one of the best fasteners for die casting and plastic application, and provides excellent fastening in the assemblage of parts which host thin cross-sections or formed sheet metal hinges.

The serrations of a knurled pin or stud, when compressed into a hole, hold the fastener into place due to the resulting forces.

The knurls are available in straight, helical or diamond forms and in diameters from M6 to M16.

Please contact us with your requirements to further your enquiry.

Knurled Pins and Studs
Thread Diameter (A) B C
M6 To your requirements To your requirements
M8 To your requirements To your requirements
M10 To your requirements To your requirements
M12 To your requirements To your requirements
M16 To your requirements To your requirements
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