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Zirconium Threaded Rods

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Zirconium threaded rods are often used when strong acids and severe corrosion are used or expected. The most used Zirconium threaded rods are known as Zirconium 702 and they are famous for their superior corrosion resistance in some of the harshest environments.

It is able to survive in acids such as hydrochloric, sulfuric, formic, nitric and acetic.

It also has a number of unique properties, including not absorbing neutrons – which makes it ideal for nuclear applications, as well as being superconductive at low temperatures – which makes it ideal for super magnets.

It is known for its resistance to acid corrosion but there are a number of areas where Zirconium is not recommended for use. Oxidising media such as ferric or cupric chlorides will decrease the corrosion resistance  – and these threaded rods are not recommended for use in the presence of fluoride.

Applications include dye manufacturing, chemical processing, ammonium nitrate production and the nuclear industry.

Zirconium Threaded Rod
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